AVCS-3SD is the only system on the market with FULLY AUTOMATIC pressure and process flow control, as well as data acquisition, from 1.3×10-3 to 1.3×10+5 Pa   (1×10-5 to 1000 Torr) with unsurpassed accuracy. The patent pending pressure control algorithm, integrated controls, calibration, and data analysis software will provide you with a cost effective approach to calibration of vacuum gauges that is NIST traceable, fast and repeatable. AVCS-3DS allows you to develop, store and recall multiple process recipes for each gauge or for a group of gauges and will consistently follow the selected calibration protocol today, tomorrow or 10 years later. A built in calibration process log file, in addition to data and process security, provide you with complete supervisory oversight of each process step. AVCS-3SD is fully compliant with ISO 3567. The system has 3 process modes and a service mode:

 Automatic mode – Auto selection of set points based on the number of set points per decade. Automatic processing from lowest to highest pressure.

 Semi-Automatic mode – Manual entry of set points prior to test. Automatic processing from lowest to highest pressure.

 Manual mode – Manual set point entry (one at a time) with automatic pressure and process control. Each consecutive set point can be set higher or lower than the previous one.

 Service Mode – Manual control of all valves and controllers. Beneficial for step by step system calibration and troubleshooting.

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